Anette Leins has developed an extraordinarily broad skill base during her 15 years of professional experience in the field of personal development, change management and Human Resources, working with companies of varying scope, industry and size.

Anette has earned a Masters degree in Psychology with a focus on Organizational Psychology, and a Masters of Advanced Studies in Human Resources. She completed training in Executive Coaching and Supervision.

She does an ongoing training in process-oriented psychology, coaching and leadership internationally in the U.S. and Europe.

Professional Background
Anette began her professional career in the insurance industry, training teams and managers to improve their team performance. She continued as manager of leadership development in the food industry and was in charge of the Human Resources department of a construction company. This work eventually led her into the field of change management in a big international chemical company where she worked as a manager for the last eight years.

She taught for several years in Switzerland at a business school (Höhere Fachschule für Wirtschaft) where she lectured on communication, leadership, coaching, and meditation.

Anette specializes in the complex interface of business and psychology.
Since 2010 she has worked independently as a consultant for companies that are working through complex, challenging and often emotional situations and/or wanting to improve their teams’ performance through coaching

 In addition, she devotes herself enthusiastically to Learning Networks – building self-led coaching networks in companies world-wide.

 Anette is a native of Germany, and speaks several languages: English, German, French and Portuguese.