A workshop is an event where a smaller group (often a professional team) works intensively on a topic within a limited time.

The cooperative and facilitated method of reaching a common goal is a specific feature of a workshop.

As a facilitator, I play a prominent role in achieving workshop goals. While the participants contribute team-specific content, I am responsible for facilitating discussion and providing structure to the process by asking pointed questions and applying specific methodology. I support the group in acquiring results and become the common thread in the discussion. Following the workshop, I will provide documentation of the results.

Reasons organizing or participating in a workshop
•    Define Work Processes and Responsibilities
•    Overcome Engrained and Ineffective processes
•    Integrate New Colleagues and Develop New Team Leads
•    Support New Teams
•    Define Rules of Collaboration
•    Manage Crisis and Conflicts
•    Manage New Tasks and Challenges
•    Increase Customer Focus
•    Improve Internal/External Communication
•    Develop a New Mission Statement