I first brought Anette in to work with my management team five years ago, and we have been working together ever since.
Anette works with an enthusiasm that is infectious. Combining her broad methodical knowledge, her years of experience and invigorating creativity, she tackles her task with an exact plan while adapting spontaneously to meet the needs of the group.
I particularly remember the work we did together around teambuilding. She has a unique way of bringing people together that makes everyone appreciate the value of the process.

Managing Director, BASF Switzerland 

We have had a very successful and exciting work relationship with Anette for many years. She has such a refreshing way of preparing new students of our Master Training course for the demanding work it entails. Her approach is playful while being very structured and sophisticated.

Training Management University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland 

Anette has a wonderful gift to very quickly form a group of people into a real team and align them to a goal. She finds solutions that are off the beaten path.
She is able to work on difficult and sometimes even existential topics in a playful manner and opens up new perspectives for all.
I´m always looking forward to working with Anette.

Vice President Engineering & Technical Services Antwerp, Belgium 

Anette works in a truly efficient manner:
She quickly assessed and understood the situation, and was successful in navigating the corporate hierarchy without inhibition. She quickly gained our support and moved us through the change process in a timely manner.

Senior Vice President BASF 

I’m very happy that I participated in the Workshop. With her competent, authentic and reassuring manner Anette passed on her knowledge, and took our personal issues very seriously.
Together, we experienced many “aha“ moments. By purposefully engaging us to actively participate, she helped us to find solutions instead of focusing on the problem. She’s so good at that.
It was a very inspiring and meaningful day for all of us.
Thank you, Anette, for a very pleasant, relaxed and yet compelling workshop.

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