Professional Network

My Professional Network
Some jobs require more than one person to get it done right. We all need the support of a network to exchange with and learn from each other.
Life is just too complex to deal with everything on your own.
To gracefully manage this complexity, I have developed my own network of consulting and training professionals. Without our mutual support, a company like L.eins would not realize it’s highest potential.

I am proud to share with you my closest business network partners:

International Partners: 
Detlev Ponnwitz:
Annemarie Weber-Wehrle:
Reto Zbinden:
Hans Ritter:
Bettina Ingeborg Schäfer:

Lewis Lubin, Coach and Consultant:
Sharon Berbower, Psychotherapist and Enneagram teacher:

Deep Democracy Institute International:
Ausbildungsinstitut Meilen:

Creative Partners:
The Working Body:
Age Song: