Executive Coaching

Areas where coaching may be desired:
I split the topics in three categories, yet often it’s a combination of all three topics.

Impact of leadership
Developing and implementing new leadership skills to improve your effectiveness as a leader.
Challenging and changing your own leadership; focusing on social qualities, working relationships and empathy. 
Building a relationship with your team that creates the best results.

Self management
Dealing with stress and creating balance in your life.
Understanding and accessing your highest potential.
Preparing for difficult presentations, negotiations, and other stressful situations.

Change and vision
Fostering alternative perspectives in complex, novel and/or difficult situations.
Focusing on your own vision when reorientation is on the agenda.
Offering support when you have to make decisions that will impact your own life and career.

How does it work?
1. Coaching only happens on one’s own free will.
2. The first step is a one-hour get-to-know. If we’re both amenable to collaboration, I then create a proposal outlining the process.
3. At the beginning of the coaching process we mutually define the goal and consider future steps.
4. Typically the coaching process lasts from 6 to 15 months. We agree initially on the time and frequency of our sessions, but that can be adapted as we move forward.
5. We typically meet in person, but the option to talk via telephone, email or Skype is available.
6. Each session typically lasts from one to two hours, though in some cases it makes sense to schedule more than two hours.
7. You pay on an hourly rate.