Learning Network

What is a Learning Network?
A Learning Network is a proven method for self-organization and team coaching.

Usually a group consists of 7-9 managers from different divisions but with comparable levels of responsibility.

This provides a twofold benefit: Participants develop both their individual potential and at the same time improve their organizational awareness.

Thus participants benefit because it’s about their own development, the company benefits
because organizational commitment is enhanced.

How does it work?
The first 2 ½ days kick-off is facilitated by me, after which the group continues to meet regularly on a self-organized basis. Though the group will meet several times over the course of a year, I will join in just once more after 10-12 months to check the pulse of the group and offer guidance where it’s needed.

This self-organized approach keeps costs low, while return on investment remains high.

And why would a company be interested in this?
In the future, more complex thinkers need to be in the driver’s seat managing their own development and proactively dealing with changes in their environment. Different skills are needed, such as boundary spanning, collaboration and network thinking.

The cross functional and cross divisional nature of these groups makes the perfect setting for improving these skills.

 Especially in our fast-paced and ever-changing environment, where complexity and pressure increase as resources steadily diminish, a Learning Network is an invaluable asset for any manager or business professional.

Why are Learning Networks extraordinary?
•  Long-term development is guaranteed.
•  Meetings result in a plan of activity that is immediately and easily implemented in everyday business.
•  There’s a great deal of accountability amongst group members leading to rapid and highly efficient implementation                       of solutions.
•  Success can be measured.
•  Cost is low while Return on Investment is high - for both the individual and the organization.

Does it really work?
Learning Networks are true success stories.
While many self-organized learning groups typically lose energy after a while, most Learning Network groups are still going strong after many years.